NetworkQ Rally | Network Q Vauxhall
Network Q and WRGB Timeline
1993 Network Q welcomed as title sponsor of the WRGB rally. It is now known at the Network Q RAC Rally.
2000 56th Rally of Great Britain – first ever rally to take place in Cardiff
2015 Network Q’s sponsorship of the rally begins again, partnering with the rally stars Chris Ingram, Jimmy McRae and James Williams.
1998 54th Rally of Great Britain. Network Q becomes the sole partner of the rally – it’s now known as the Network Q Rally.
2003 10th anniversary of Network Q’s partnership with the rally – Network Q then parts ways with the rally.
The Guys Behind The Wheels
Chris Ingram One of the most exciting young drivers around, Chris was Network Q brand ambassador for 2 years. He competed in BRC and WRGB with Team Network Q and raced with our sister brand Opel Motorsport. Winning the FIA under-27 European Rally Championship in 2017 has proved his career highlight to date but we’re convinced more glory is to come.
Jimmy McRae With over 40 years of rally experience and 5 British Rally Championships to his name, Jimmy is nothing short of a legend. So we were super excited when he became part of team Network Q in 2015, driving the iconic Vauxhall Forenza. Jimmy acted as Chris’s mentor when they were both part of Team Network Q and there’s no doubt Chris learnt loads from such an amazing driver.
James Williams The newest member of the team, James became Network Q brand ambassador in 2018. He became the first British rally driver in an R2 to win in Belgium, winning in Ypres earlier in the year.
He has made a strong start in the 2018 BRC and will be hoping to consolidate with a high finish at the WRGB. And as a young Welsh driver he’s sure to have strong support from the locals.